I never set up the read-though I’d previously mentioned, opting, rather, to wait until casting was completed to go through the scripts with the actual cast. The idea, though always a good one and a tool I’ll continue to use, I have to admit, was born of insecurity as much as it was anything else. I was worried about whether or not the scripts were “there” yet – if they were as good as we thought. However, those concerns were thankfully allayed and we could look forward to the next phase – casting.

The only thing holding us up at this point is funding. Sure, we could easily go ahead and cast the series, but there wouldn’t be much to do after that. I’ll be doing the editing for the series, and for that I’ll need a new system and software (going HD). Then there are the issues of securing locations, purchasing costuming, photo shoots, logo redesign, graphic animation, theme song composition (neither of which I can do and expect to have to pay for), and all manner of other things that come up. Even though I know several folks who specialize in these areas and who might do it for free, I don’t feel comfortable pushing ahead and hoping for that. I’d rather wait until I can cover all expenses myself. I know no one likes to wait for anything anymore, but I’m the one who decided to go independent with this thing, so waiting until I have the money comes with the territory.

I’ve looked into those crowd-sourcing sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, but I’m not impressed – or confident – enough in them to start up a campaign for the show. If you don’t raise the full amount you’re asking for, you don’t get ANY of the money, and attracting funders essentially boils down to a popularity contest; those who have a lot of friends and/or associates willing to kick in funds succeed while others (the vast majority of projects listed on these sites) fail. Well, if I knew enough people I could ask for funding, here’s the thing – I would’ve already done so, and I wouldn’t need the campaign. Maybe I’m being myopic, but it’s my truth at this point.

The plan is to simply use money saved from my job to fund the show. Nothing fancy or elaborate, but it does take time. Things are just now starting to roll (I’m in commission-only insurance sales), so I have no idea exactly when I’ll be able to secure the hardware and capital to get things going, but I’ve set dates and goals, and the time table is an aggressive one, so all I can do at this point is work the plan as hard as I can and see where it takes me…

It might not be everyone’s way of doing things, but it’s MY way. And that’s the beauty in creating your own show.