With four episodes in the can and three more to go to close out shooting on Season Zero, things were looking good. The only obstacles in our way were locations and the needed casting of a few small roles for the remaining episodes.

And that’s where the problem started.

I could’ve done a better job of getting the word out about the supplemental auditions. Being as how the show is shot in Houston, I thought I’d be fine just posting a casting call on a few area Facebook actors groups this past Monday evening for auditions to be held tomorrow. Surely that would net me a sizable enough block of talent from which to choose, right?

Wrong answer. Chalk it up to being lazy and not posting the casting call on more outlets, not giving enough time for the call to be seen, or trying too hard to shoehorn an audition in between shooting weeks to keep from disrupting the production schedule, but in any event, response has been dismal–to the point we had to cancel tomorrow’s auditions.

It’s frustrating, for sure. But I said I could’ve done better–so we will. Auditions will be rescheduled for next Saturday, and I’ll post the call through more channels, especially one in particular that’s been good to us in the past. Hopefully that will get us a better pool of talent to choose from.

If not, we’ll have to rethink some things…