Timing and a casting issue forced us to make a small adjustment; we switched out Episode 0.6 for 0.7. Still, we got our two episodes shot and again, we did it with time to spare.

It’s a bit unnerving, really–finishing so quickly while so many productions take so much longer to shoot. But in reality, several factors (simple locations, one-size-fits-all lighting schemes, a shot list that we don’t deviate from, and a talented cast) contribute to our success thus far. What remains to be seen is if that translates to larger, more complicated shoots. We suspect it won’t, so we’ve made sure to enjoy this productivity while we can.

So far, we’ve shot Episodes 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, and 0.7–all taking place entirely, or mostly, in “Abigail’s apartment.” The next episode on the list, 0.6, takes place in the same location–leaving the two “on location” shoots for last (ironically, we think they will be the two best-received episodes). This gives us a certain level of comfort in knowing that even if we’re unable to pull off the remote shoots, we have more than a couple of episodes we can show–more than enough to determine if our audience will like the show or not.

We’re betting (and hoping) they will.

Check out the photos from this past weekend’s shoot HERE.