Looks like City Hall might be out…

I received an email a couple days ago from the second person I contacted concerning using oneĀ  of the meeting rooms there for our audition – the director of the Houston Film Commission. He mentioned that because of an impending office move, he wasn’t sure who would be over the reservations for the room in City Hall, and that he’d have to get back to me. I sent a follow-up stating that we were told of the move when we scouted the room, but since our audition is slated for December 3, we were hoping that the room and its reservations would still be under their jurisdiction, seeing as how we were told the move would be after that date.

Today I response saying they still had no answer as to the availability of the room or who now controls reserving it, and mentioned another community room in a grocery store that I could try (other auditions have been held there). I replied, thanking them for the information and kept it moving. Basically, I took their email to say, “We aren’t interested in helping you,” so now I’m back to square one. I could be wrong about the intent behind their side of things (I hope I am), but the whole thing feels very suspect, and it isn’t the first time I’ve gotten less than stellar service from that office.

Nevertheless, time marches on. I’m not crazy about having my audition in a grocery store – just doesn’t have a professional vibe to it (not that City Hall was all that, but it was better) – but I might give the place a look. And I have a couple other locations I can check into. Like I told a high school classmate on Facebook, this is but a minor inconvenience. The show WILL go on.