We’re still on the case. Still in pre-production. But things had been tabled for a while…

The last post, on April 7, contained something of a rant about the local film community and some of its members’ “selectivity” when it comes to supporting projects. After an issue in trying to secure a location to shoot Episode 1.1, our frustration boiled over and we made the tough decision to put the web series on hold, deciding to pursue other projects less susceptible to being stymied because of outside lack of support/aid.

But here we are, at the close of September, and we’re fully back in the game. In the interim, we created a literary company and started work on our first novel, started–and stopped–and started–and stopped again, working on a series of erotic short stories, rewrote one of our short films with the intent on using it’s hopeful success to backdoor our way back into the web series, considered a slate of short comedy videos for the web, and even took a side route in doing some writing for a comic book. We literally bounced around from project to project before finally, perhaps inevitably, landing back on Abigail Waller.

So what’s the state of the show? In an effort to push out content, the decision was made to shoot a series of mini-sodes, dubbed “Season Zero”–easy, one-location episodes using areas we already had access to or could get easily. This would allow us to get the brand out there and build a fan base, while hopefully having enough success and making enough contacts to open the door for us to do more complicated shoots. It’s actually the way many web series start out, so we’d be in good company. The mini-sode route was decided upon in late April, but it wasn’t until September 11 that the first script from that new direction, Episode 0.1, “Meet Abigail Waller” was written. Since then, two more scripts have been written, with Season Zero looking to have 12 episodes–three more than Season One.

Another positive thing to come out of the hiatus has been the fact that the time has allowed our website to age, giving the major search engines more time to identify and rank our URL, leading to the discovery made on September 25 that we’re #1 on Google when searching for “Abigail Waller”–a nice feat considering there are a few real-world Abigail Wallers.

In the hardware department, we picked up what will be our primary camera for the series–a Canon T3i. It’s a great, inexpensive camera that should serve us well as we launch the show, giving us powerful, high-definition imaging in a compact, easy-to-move package. We know there’s bigger and badder packages out there with even bigger hype surrounding them, but we’re more than satisfied with our choice. Plus we can afford it. 🙂

There’s no dates set yet for the start of shooting, but considering the regular deadline for a local festival we’ve been wanting to enter is coming up in November, it doesn’t take the Dark Knight to deduce it’s going to be pretty soon.

So the train is back on track, and we’re excited than ever to bring you what promises to be a pretty cool and fun little show. To our supporters, THANK YOU.

We won’t let you down.