Trying to produce an independent web series (or any project, for that matter) is challenging enough without being constantly disrespected…

We contacted two places last week regarding locations for Episodes 1.1 and 1.2. One is a beloved breakfast spot that I’ve been to a few times and really like (a plus is that it’s Black-owned; we have a strong interest in working with as many Black-owned businesses as possible); the other – our very own Houston Film Commission. To date, we’ve heard back from neither.

We approached both entities via their Facebook pages – a post on the eatery’s page’s timeline and a direct message to the Commission’s inbox. Both organizations have posted since we reached out to them, so it’s not a matter of them not checking their Facebook in a while. To make matters worse, in the case of the film commission, we went to an event Thursday night that they sponsor monthly, and had to listen to another filmmaker heap praises on the commission and the deputy director, a person I’ve found less than helpful on more than one occasion. The director went on and on about how the commission was such a big help to them, but the whole time I couldn’t help but stare at the deputy director thinking, “Yet I can’t get a response to a simple email.”

I have no concrete reason why there is. I have my suspicions, and I’m sure you can figure out where I’d go with that if I chose to continue. I’ll just say that it’s funny that folks who look a certain way seem to get respect and assistance while folks who look a different way do not. This from a group that supposedly is there to support ALL filmmakers in the city and beyond. Funny indeed.

As for the restaurant, maybe they just don’t respond to folks’ posts on their page. I don’t know why; sounds like bad business to me. Even if they weren’t interested, they could just shoot me a message and say “No thanks.” No harm, no foul, and I’d still eat there with no problem. Maybe it’s because we’re nobodys; we don’t have a big name or aren’t famous – this place certainly loves to tout the celebrity names who’ve dined there – so we can be overlooked or dismissed. Maybe it’s something else altogether and my insecurities are getting the best of me (I certainly have enough of them to do so).

All I know is I’m sick of this. Location scouting and securing was NOT something I was looking forward to anyway BECAUSE of this kind of bullshit. It’s just really, really frustrating. But it’s cool; we’re working on alternative locations – perhaps changing them in the script, or just finding a place we can convert into what we need. I’m too damn stubborn and hard-headed at this point to let the haters and ignorers win. Just don’t come up to us after the fact skinning and grinning in our faces…

It’s not likely to end well.