It’s great to have talented and supportive friends…

After reading the blog post about our issues regarding music for the series, a friend of mine, Houston-based music producer sKinny sKoop (check out his work here) contacted me and asked what we needed and if he could take a crack at it. He had actually approached me a while ago about the same issue, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted and put it on the back burner. Then Shaundra found the track online that we fell in love with, so I figured “mission accomplished without even trying.” Then we found out we couldn’t use it.

Re-enter my man sKoop.

Now, armed with the style of music we’re looking for, we’re on our way to having an ORIGINAL theme made for the show! It might not seem that big a thing to some, but to me, it’s a huge relief – one less thing I have to worry about. And sKoop and I have collaborated before, so I know the quality the man can bring (his music is featured in my short film Randi’s Birthday and I shot a music video for a track he produced called “Keep Livin’.”) .

I’m looking forward to hearing what sKoop comes up with – and I can’t wait to see the theme married to the opening titles of the show for the first time. 😀