The decision was made yesterday to move ahead with development. This, after taking time away to complete a feature-length screenplay for Hollywood submission. At one point that plan ballooned to include three scripts, two of which have broad commercial appeal (read: white folks will check them out), but after adding FADE OUT to the first project, it seemed it would take forever to complete the other two and move on to the web series.

Then it happened.

We were able to land two new jobs – both with weekday schedules – within a few weeks of each other.  With the combined time off and income, the door became wide open to pursue the web series if we wanted to. And oh yes, did we want to.

There are no set dates yet, but that will change in the coming weeks. Right now we’re finalizing the crew list and working on marketing and fundraising ideas –  anything to make things move as smooth as possible. At the latest, we’d love to be shooting by mid-late January, but depending on how fast things come together, it could be sooner than that. No rush, but at the same time it’s full speed ahead —

And we couldn’t be happier.