“The Life and Times of Abigail Waller” came about as a result of my desire to “do something.” I’d been writing screenplays for several years up to that point, submitting them to various Hollywood agencies and production companies in the hopes of breaking in. Yet nothing happened. Sure, folks told me my writing was good and that they enjoyed my work, but it was the same follow-up over and over again: “It’s just not right for us.”

What the hell does that mean, anyway?

Although writing for the big screen was always my goal and specialty, I’d had ideas for projects in other mediums. Among them were a handful of TV ideas. What was to become “Abigail…” was one of them. But I had no immediate plans for the concept. During that time web series were really taking off, and a few folks were actually making a living from their work. It was a viable option, but still I failed to take notice. It was eventually suggested to me, in this age of the YouTube star, to create a series of my own – at the very least, a series of short comedic skits – as I was itching to get back behind the camera. I was sent a link to a story about web series creators and the success some were having.

And I was intrigued.

I continued to read on the subject, and the more I learned, the more interested I became.  The final straw came when a local arts organization brought in the creators and star of a popular web series to talk about their experiences. The show itself didn’t grab me, but the star was from an old syndicated TV series I liked (not to mention I found her hella attractive),  so I made it a point to check it out. As I sat listening to their stories, and watching episodes of their series, everything I had read, heard, seen and felt culminated in something just shy of an epihany – “I want to do this.”

But with what concept? A drummed my brain for ideas. I knew it was going to be Black; a glance in the mirror reaffirms why on a daily basis. And almost immediately I knew my protagonist would be a female, given the lack of roles for Black actresses, my desire to do what I can to make things better, and the fact that I really enjoy writing women.  But I was going to need more than those two elements. Then it hit me – one of my old TV concepts about an average sista and her struggles juggling her personal and professional lives. Nothing earth-shattering or ground-breaking, yet something I can have fun with and put my personal spin on. “A Black ‘Ally McBeal'” was the quick-and-dirty pitch. She didn’t have a name yet, but as I drove home it was abundantly clear: a spark had been ignited – Abigail Waller was born. The initial web series was a labor of love, but unfortunately, it didn’t last. Two episodes where shot, edited, and released online before the wheels fell off, and the project fell into dormancy.

Until now.

Re-ignited as a result of a renewed interest in creating my own comic (an idea I had tossed around a few times previously, but brought back to the forefront by my lady, who told me of a comic creation program someone she knew used for his website) and looking for material to shoot for an actress friend for her demo reel,  it is my sincerest hope that you enjoy this reincarnation of one of my most cherished concepts. I’d love to say I’ve got big plans for this webcomic, but truthfully, I’m just gonna ride the wave, have some fun, put some work out in the world – and enjoy every single moment of it. From that point on, whatever happens, happens.

Thanks for reading. Now get on to the comics!

Kevin Sorrell
“The Life and Times of Abigail Waller”